Volvo’s Plans For Electrification Go Through An XC100 Without An Exhaust Pipe


Volvo will produce the XC100 Recharge in the future. What will be the qualities of the SUV that will compete internally with the current XC90? Here are some of his keys.

The automotive industry has changed more in a decade than a couple of them had previously. Without a doubt, the main corners of this new technology are directly related to electrification and autonomous driving. In fact, some manufacturers like Tesla have achieved outstanding positions by covering these new needs.

This new panorama has caught some companies by surprise. Volvo, however, is not one of them. Taking a quick look at the catalog, one might think that some testimonial plug-in hybrid variants forecast reflect that Volvo has not done its homework. However, this is just the opposite. The Swedish-born firm, it should be remembered, already launched an electric C30 a few years ago.

The Geely group is one of the largest business holding companies on the market

So why can we say that we are facing one of the benchmarks in sustainable mobility? There are several reasons that justify this statement. Firstly, Volvo is part of the Geely group, a Chinese giant in the car market. It is important to note that this business holding company is one of the most outstanding in terms of electricity investment.

Another point that legitimizes this position is the strategy taken into account by the company for some time. If you now go to the Scandinavian firm’s catalog, you will see how the sale of diesel units is already declining. This has been the first step to reduce emissions for the coming years. Subsequently, it will be the turn of exclusively gasoline mechanics.

In fact, even Polestar will feature only plug-in or electric hybrid mechanics! Today we have learned that Volvo will market the XC100 Recharge in the future. It will be completely electric and, of course, it will command the sustainable spirit of the brand. What is known about a project of this size? Will it measure up to compete with other European models?

Start with the highest step to take advantage of the electric

One of the premises of Volvo in the middle of the electrification process is to guarantee efficiency with a differential model. So much so that it will enter the market with a project willing to compete with luxury SUV variants from the main competitors in the segment without polluting emissions. In this sense, it is expected to have similar proportions to the XC90.


In fact, it could share the market with said car. Arguably, a strategy similar to what Volkswagen will do with the I.D. and Golf in just a few months. Now, what can we expect from the model that is supposed to cannibalize sales of the best-selling SUV to date within the brand? There are several notes to highlight that Motor Trend has published.

The future of the XC100 Recharge will go through the inclusion of the new SPA2 platform, which will offer a design specially created to promote the use of electrical technology. In addition, based on the numbers that the XC40 is speculated to have, it is striking to see how the battery capacity could be greater than 78 kWh. In fact, the very name of the model could mean the jump to 100 kWh.

The smallest of the family will introduce in the short term a completely electric mechanics, in addition to those present today. This variant will mark the trend that the company’s future could have, that is, the data that the XC100 Recharge would display. Now, why is it early to determine key aspects such as autonomy or dynamic benefits, among others?

A model that will be a benchmark in the medium term

It is early to forecast what will be the most outstanding qualities of the XC100 Recharge. However, early estimates claim it could have a starting price of around $85,000. If confirmed, it would have a cost that would be very close to the current plug-in hybrid variant, the so-called 8-speed Automatic T8 Twin.


Its presentation is expected to take place in 2023, but it would be until the following year when we could see it on the market. The current coronavirus crisis, however, could offset the dates, so its confirmation is not possible. Even so, it is important to keep in mind that, for this period, a flood of electric cars is expected in the market.

Are we facing a competitive product? As we have begun to expose, Volvo is one of the most outstanding firms in terms of electrical innovation. Electrification plans have already started with the exhaust-free version of the XC40. This new chapter, plus Polestar’s efforts to expand the electric variety, only confirms the position of the manufacturer with Chinese capital.

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