A Self-Driving Car Can Come True With A Pay-As-You-Go Subscription


Tesla is having difficulty amortizing investments made in autonomous driving (a self-driving car). Is the ‘pay per use’ modality the solution to the current situation?

In recent years, innovation programs for self-driving cars have exploded. The technology is now much more efficient in the past, so it is already beginning to be seen as a serious threat to the conventional driver. When will we stop taking the wheel? What’s more, can we continue to drive cars in the future?

There are many unknowns that, to this day, still need to be cleared. Even so, it is important to see how there are already programs that ensure that the level of functionality of the technology is more efficient than our own skills behind the wheel. In this situation, it is necessary to begin to see the assistants in autonomous driving as equipment to take into account for the coming years.

Tesla could introduce the pay-as-you-go variant into its autonomous driving system

It is true that not all brands are developing these lines of research. However, the trick of acquiring a certain program once the technology is established means that the objective does not deviate excessively. That said, how could a pack that had everything related to monitoring be marketed? The camera, radar and switchboard systems form the base equipment.

Taking a quick look at the current market, if there is a manufacturer that is betting heavily on autonomous driving, that is Tesla. The manufacturer based in Palo Alto has become, despite its short history, one of the great references in the field. So much so that when configuring a Model S, Model X, Model 3, or Model Y, it offers various actions related to it.

Due to the problem of the extra cost of acquiring the pack with greater driving autonomy, Tesla is considering how to make more attractive one of the technologies in which most capital has been invested. Are we facing the model to follow to understand the future of the sector? Payment for use would be the variant that Tesla would be managing to more easily sell this system.

New income searches to undertake new innovations

Tesla, in addition to being a car manufacturer, has become a machine for obtaining big data information and providing other types of services to its customers. If a few weeks ago we saw how the brand was going to start charging its customers for digital services, now we see how a new way of selling their more complete equipment in terms of autonomous cars could come.

Tesla-self driving car

In Spain, for example, the option ‘Total autonomous driving capacity’ is currently available at a price of 6,400 euros if we take the Model 3, the most successful in the range, as a base. In general terms, exclusively this option would be practically worth the odd model on the market. This means that you do not get a great return on investment.

Tesla always includes its autonomous technology in all its cars

For this reason, it would have been decided to introduce alternative formulas to improve the rate of recovery of the money invested. As you can read in Electrek, the pay-per-use formula would be the way Tesla would have understood to improve its incentive in the sector. Well, are there great possibilities that this strategy will be beneficial for the brand in the medium term?

The company has made significant efforts to introduce solutions based on driving autonomy. This is fundamentally so because strong growth in the use of this technology is expected. For this, it has included in all its cars, made with the order or not to equip the autonomous infrastructure, all the necessary systems.

All roads lead to the integration of autonomous driving

Tesla is one of the most advanced companies in the field. In fact, Elon Musk and his team affirm that they cannot introduce all the novelties that they have developed due to the legal restrictions that exist in the vast majority of countries in which the brand markets its products. In this situation, can this type of sale be the most appropriate?

self driving car

Taking a quick look at what the next big news the Autopilot will bring, it is worth noting the reading of traffic lights or the possibility that the car, autonomously, approaches your location if the distance between them is not very great. This naturally leads us to ask ourselves about how the legal barriers in this regard will be overcome.

On the other hand, it is important to consider how all this information can contribute to obtaining new advantages. Can we leave the car to other people as if it were a car-sharing company? Tesla has already thought about it, hence it has a camera inside the cabin. Further advances will come that could change mobility in the future.


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