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You don’t always realize it, but the role of the car seat cover can be more important than you might think. Let’s see that in the details.

Why put on car seat covers?

The main role of car seat covers is to protect the seats in your vehicle from possible dirt, stains, wear, or even animal hair. This will keep the original seats intact and keep the interior cool, especially if you plan to resell your car.

Beautiful covers will also give your seats a facelift. Indeed, if the original seats are already badly damaged, the seat covers can hide imperfections and thus avoid you having to change everything. In addition, it will be much cheaper than replacing the seats.

Of course, using this accessory is a great way to personalize the interior of your vehicle or for tuning. Besides, even with a new car, the color of the seats may not necessarily match your tastes. Covering them with a car seat cover in polyester or imitation leather in the desired colors will make them more attractive while protecting them from dirt.

The different seat protections

Note that you can get individual or grouped car seat covers. If personal protection is compulsory for the front seats for obvious reasons, the rear seat can be covered with a single cover. Depending on the passengers who will occupy the rear seat, you can equip your car with a protective cover for a baby car seat or even a car seat cover for dogs. If the latter helps keep your car clean and limit dog hair encrusted between the seats, the one designed for babies avoids any task and damage to the seat and back of the seat of your car while ensuring the baby comfort.

There are many types of seat protection and to be able to choose yours wisely, it is important to define the risks of damage to your seats. A people carrier, for example, needs covers that can protect the seats from the aggressions generally faced by family cars such as food debris, stains, tears, or animal hair. But also to improve comfort during car trips with memory foam or quilted.

You are probably wondering how to put seat covers? Read here!

Choose the right car seat cover

You might think that the car seat covers are all the same and that their functions are the same. However, when these are uncomfortable, slip or get damaged quickly, it may be better to narrow down your choice.

Opt for custom car seat covers

Opting for made-to-measure is surely the best way to obtain covers with an impeccable appearance. Indeed, it takes into account the exact dimensions of the seats in your car to the nearest millimeter as if it were a second skin. It also adapts to all technical details such as control levers, airbags, armrests, headrests or even split seats. And finally, the tailor-made car cover allows you to customize the colors to provide seats pleasing to the eye. You can also equip your vehicle with custom-made carpets to protect and personalize the floor.

Universal car seat covers

Not as good as made-to-measure, universal car seat covers are still designed to best suit all seat models with the advantage of being much cheaper. To be sure of choosing the right cover, it is best to try it while ensuring that the fabric is tight and does not slip for good support and for your comfort.

The best car covers

We find a multitude of car covers, to help you make the right choice according to your needs. Discover the top 10 of the best car seat covers:

Copap Universal Stripe Colorful Baja Bucket Seat Cover Blue Saddle Blanket with Seat-Belt Pad Protectors for Car, SUV & Truck

Best Durable Car Seat Covers


If you’re trying to find seat covers that will take a beating, these saddle blankets are all that you need. Although the woven fabric pattern is the same for all choices, you’ll be able to make a selection from a range of color accentuation options. This set goes together covers for all of the seat connected areas. This includes the headrests, armrests, console cowl, and map pockets.

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Dry Rub Car Seat Cover for Athletes – Universal Fit, Machine Washable, Sweat Proof, Anti-Sweat Seat Cover

Best Protective Car Seat Cover


Dry Rub car seat cover

Protecting your vehicle’s interior is important. Active people face a unique challenge of keeping their car seats fresh and clean – and Dry Rub has a solution. Specially designed to protect against sweat, these special covers are odor, stains and anti-bacterial genius. With universal fit and hassle-free return policy – we highly recommend trying these high-quality versions.

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4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock for Cars, Small Trucks, and SUVs – Heavy Duty, Non Slip, Waterproof

Best Dog Car Seat Cover

4knines dog seat cover

If you’re looking for the best dog car seat cover for durability, this one will catch your attention. The bottom layer and back surface are not slippery, ensuring that the lid will stay in place. The next layer is the colored polyester base layer. There is a layer of cotton padding for added comfort and cushioning. The top layer of 600 polyesters is rated at more than 190 GSM. It has also been treated with three layers of waterproof paint.

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Saddleman Custom Made Front Bucket Seat Covers – Neoprene Fabric

Best Neoprene Car Seat Covers

saddleman custom car seat cover

Saddman’s neoprene car seat covers are perfect for adventurers. You have four color options of two tones, black, red, blue and gray. The material has been treated with enhanced UV protection. This will keep the colors vivid even in the brightest sunlight. With an easy-to-install design, you won’t need any tools to install it. Slide these covers on your existing seats accordingly, waterproof.

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Coverking CSC2PD18TT9577 Tailored Seat Cover

Best Style Car Seat Covers

coverking car seat cover

These Coverking car seat covers are perfect for those who are looking for something chaotic and unique to fit their personality. The highlight of leopard print is on the headrest, back and seats. They are made from high-quality neoprene for increased durability and comfort. This model will certainly exist because it has been treated to combat the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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Tips for using the car seat cover

Whether they are made of polyester or imitation leather, car seat covers maintain each other to allow them to maintain a beautiful appearance. Their installation and storage also require certain measures to be observed.

The maintenance of its covers

If you have opted for polyester covers, start by vacuuming them preferably using a vacuum-injection vacuum cleaner which has the advantage of being able to apply a detergent suitable for the fabric. The use of a special stain remover for fabric is essential to remove the various stains:

  • Applied the product,
  • Leave on for a few minutes
  • Rinse carefully.

Be sure to look at the labels on the label to find out if machine washing is allowed. If this is the case, follow the instructions, especially with regard to the maximum washing temperature.

For imitation leather covers, a regular cleaning with a damp cloth may be sufficient. In case of stains that are difficult to remove, do not rub too hard with an abrasive sponge or use bleach. Just remember to clean the affected area using a sponge lightly moistened with claystone and two drops of 90 ° alcohol.

Tidy up your seat covers

If after buying your car accessories you can not yet install them for lack of time for example, be sure to keep them in a storage bag and avoid leaving them in a humid place. When you are finally able to install them, remember to make the necessary arrangements to place them in the right conditions.

Be careful not to cramp the operation

  • Opt instead for a spacious place like your garden
  • Remove anything that could damage the covers such as bracelets, watches, rings, etc.
  • The most important thing is to read the label on each cover carefully. In general, the location of the covers is indicated.

Conclusion: find the best seat cover for your car

Like a person who needs to dress in order not to get cold or to have a trendy look, the seats in your car also need to be protected and also to be visually pleasing. The seat cover then becomes very important and as for clothing, there are sizes to respect. If there are universal size covers suitable for most car models, it would be better to opt for the tailor-made in order to obtain an impeccable rendering. It’s about optimizing ergonomics in your vehicle.

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