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A lifted truck will be at least 3 inches taller than a standard pickup. If you are looking for a jack for lifted truck, the later can be taller than 20 inches. Go ahead and invest in the correct jack when you buy your lift kits. Even if you only need to change the tires, you’ll need a dedicated jack (or start paying an expert to do every little thing for your truck).

You need a jack that can not only handle the added height but also maintain stability and power when fully expanded.

The available jacks on the market are constantly changing, but typically, you’ll want an advanced jack, a bigger bottle jack, or a heavy floor jack.

Here is an updated list of what Mexicotrucker thinks is the best jack for a forklift truck.

Best jack for lifted truck

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48″ – AMAZON’s Choice

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 jack for lifted truck

Anyone who has a jeep is familiar with these farm sizes. Originally used by farmers to lift their tractors, pull fence posts and hold their trailers in place of trailers, these advanced jacks offer an extremely high advantage for height. 48-inch lift.

The off-road community has found them useful when trying to keep a car from getting stuck. Thanks to the enormous lifting capacity, these black molded steel jacks can be used in any terrain and for any vehicle – no matter how large the lifting kit.

The challenge with Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48″ jack is that the vertical bar is quite close to the body. With all the round, aerodynamic bodies we have today, it’s hard to click on your truck without scratching the side of your body.

The integrated one-piece handle provides extreme leverage for your toughest lifting situations.

Accordingly, you find that you have to lift your truck from the bumpers with this type of jack. You will want to make sure you have a case that is not simply decorative and designed to support your vehicle.

This jack can also be used with chains as a winch accompanied by a rocket to help pull a vehicle out of mud or onto a trailer. Very convenient.

Hi-Lift Jack HL484

Pros & Cons

  • 48-inch lifting capacity
  • Serves as a winch when combined with chains
  • Cannot lift a vehicle from below

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Sunex 1410 10-Ton

sunex 1410

This set of 10-ton Sunex Tools is made of solid steel material, in red and black with a smooth finish. When stretched, they can reach a maximum height of 46.5 inches. Each of these heavy-duty jacks has a wide and sturdy base made of heavy calendar tubes.

These four-legged steel brackets surround their respective supports. Without a sturdy base, these support tubes cannot provide stability to your forklift suspension shaft. While these steel bases provide stability, their adjustable supports have multiple locking heights.

With a 10t payload, you can use this jack to lift and change the trailer wheel. Because the extra heavy schedule pair adds extra strength to enhance stability, you can pause your forklift on uneven terrain.

Pros & Cons

  • The large saddle columns in these support tubes measure 3.1 x 5.1 inches
  • Adjustable locking heights (28.1 to 46.5 inches)
  • The V-shaped saddle helps to cradle axles and under-the-truck components
  • These components of this jack are very heavy.

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Performance Tool 6 Ton W41023

performance tool W41023

Performance Tool W41023 6 ton (12,000 lbs) jacks have a quick and easy height adjustment system. This is the ideal lifting tool for forklifts, multi-terrain vehicles, and light trucks. This jack stand W41023 is also available in 2, 3 and 6-ton types.

Each of these tools comes in a bright yellow color that makes it easy to locate your jack holder. In addition to the steel frame, they have a wide base that provides stability for sturdy axles.

You can use this heavy-duty jack kit for garage and load applications requiring sturdy support. The lifting range is from 15-1 / 2 to 23-1 / 2 inches. With low undercarriage, each of these stands has four feet to provide outstanding traction. Therefore, there is no danger of slipping when these connectors are on slippery surfaces.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable construction
  • A set of 2 heavy-duty jack stands for versatile applications
  • Easy to use the height adjustment handle
  • Doesn’t have the multiple locking height features like pin-type jack stands.

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Arcan 3 Ton Hybrid Floor Jack HJ3000A

arcan 3ton HJ3000A

The 3-ton Arcan is a premium heavy-duty floor jack with a hybrid construction. It uses a dual pump piston that lifts the saddle column of the jack onto your load quickly. However, the seat cushion is a hard, textured rubber, cladding the handle.

In general, the aluminum material is lightweight and this 58 lbs floor jack has aluminum as the main material. In addition to its professional use, the Arcan Hybrid floor hoist is the ideal lifting device for factory pallets and crates.

This floor jack is called a hybrid system because it has both aluminum and steel materials. The low-profile design comes with side handles for easier transport and storage.

With a lifting capacity of 3 tons, it is a useful tool for light and medium trucks. Additionally, this floor jack comes with a compact set of wheels in both its rear and front frame.

Pros & Cons

  • Heavy-duty aluminum and steel materials
  • A lightweight chassis that balances the strength of its sturdy frame
  • Dual pump pistons
  • The front wheels of this floor jack are very tough, and they might leave marks on concrete floors.

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Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand

Jack For Lifted Truck omega 32225B

Omega 22-ton jacks combine heavy lifting with quality texture. Its load-bearing steel frame provides extra stability for your forklift and load.

The quality of the weld shows that durable steel material can resist the effects of the rough workspace. Additionally, there is no risk of bending or twisting when you lift the load with this heavy jack’s capacity. It comes with a large saddle (3-1 / 7 x 2-3 / 4 inches) and a stabilizer base.

Its height-adjusting mechanism is impressive, and the adjustable range is from 13-1 / 3 to 19-2 / 3 inches. This 63 lbs (pin type) connector stand has one of the thickest of the pins. With the thickness of these fasteners, security is enhanced when working under a truck.

Pros & Cons

  • Heavy-gauge steel
  • Extra-large base (9-5/6 x 9-5/6 inches)
  • A 63-lbs jack stand is not a lightweight tool that can be moved around the workshop easily.

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BIG RED T90603B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack

BIG RED T90603B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack

The 6 ton (12,000 lb) hydraulic bottle jack is the perfect product to suspend your truck during the mechanical repair. This Torin Big Red has a compact design suitable for both residential and commercial applications. While its lifting range is between 8.27 and 15.94 inches, you can use this hydraulic bottle jack in confined spaces like a low underbody.

The end of this jack has an adjustable serrated saddle screw for a secure grip. Since this is a hydraulic jack, you can enjoy high efficiency if the temperature of the liquid is between 40 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

The slip hazard is very low because the base of this hydraulic jack is large and sturdy. In addition, the forged steel structure is highly durable.

When you need a wide lifting length, the strength of this hydraulic jack increases support for the load. It comes with bypass valves (a safety feature) that prevent overload and possible suspension load crashes.

Pros & Cons

  • Stable and strong base
  • A heat-treated saddle
  • It has built-in die-cut threads that prevent oil leaks
  • Without using a high-quality oil, you might not have a seamless lifting of loads with this hydraulic jack.

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Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack

powerbuilt 620471 unijack

Most people don’t apply this jack stands. They would rather trust their lives in a 22-cent hydraulic jack pad (likely installed by a depressed Chinese factory worker) than go through the hassle of installing jacks.

Brackets save many lives and I never go underneath a car without setting them up properly. The fact that this all-in-one incorporates a stand with a hydraulic lift, making it the top choice for a home garage.

Unijack is one of the few hydraulic bottle sizes that can extend up to 21 inches. I’m pretty sure the only reason it’s so high up is thanks to the added stability and safety the stand offers.

If you’ve worked with racks before, this will work in a very similar fashion. You want to raise the kickstand as high as possible under your vehicle and install the locking pin. From there, you just need to use the jack to continue lifting your car.

When you reach the desired height, make sure the safety bar lock lever is locked into position. You may need to plug in a little more to lock it fully into a secure, fully locked place.

Pros & Cons

  • 21 inches of lifting capacity
  • Added protection of a built-in jack stand
  • Slow pump action of a bottle jack

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How to choose the right jack for lifted truck

Adjustable height

One of the reasons to use special jacks for lifted trucks is to lift their axles to the desired height. In addition to the usual lifting points on trucks, several jacks are specific to each vehicle. It means that the booster jack can lift trucks away from their bumpers.

The style of the stand determines the ability of the saddle to adjust. It is preferable to have a length between these lifting points (jacks) and the ground. With this measurement, you will have an idea of ​​the minimum distance required to lift the load.

Lifting capacity

Regardless of your project requirements, an ideal stand should weigh at least 3/4 of the load. Therefore, you should use a 3.75-ton forklift if your lifted truck weighs 5 tons. However, the support with weak structural strength can collapse due to the weight of the hanging load and cause fatal injury to the operator.

Lifting speed

If you have used hydraulic jacks before, you often feel uncomfortable lifting saddle with repetitive movements. As it grows slowly, the act of agitation can make the task cumbersome. You’d better buy a jack holder that has a quick adjustment mechanism.

Types with ratchet bars provide the outstanding lift to the saddle bar to achieve the desired height with ease.

Strength of materials

Most heavy-duty brackets are made of reinforced steel or wrought iron material. While some floor jacks with pump pistons may have an aluminum frame, the choice of the manufacturer determines its durability.

In general, aluminum jacks have smaller weights and better resistance to rust than forged steel jacks. For ratchets or ratchet type jacks, it is better to consider steel materials as they have a higher tensile strength.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the basic safety requirements for using a stand?

Do not attempt to lift objects beyond the lift capacity of any jack. In addition, the jack base must be on a stable surface before you lift the load. Usually, well-designed forklift jacks have safety features.

One of the international safety standards for lifting tools is ANSI / ASME. If the jack base does not meet/exceed this safety standard, its use may be at risk.

What makes the jack suitable for my lifted truck?

If you plan to lift a 4,000 lbs. Truck, buy a powerful jack that does not tilt during lifting. During the lifting process, the jacking stand should be stable and have enough force to pass the weight of your truck.

When purchasing a suitable jack stand, consider its structural integrity. Height adjustment mechanism, saddle lift range, and portability are other factors that define a suitable stand.


Forklift jacks vary according to the load they can bear and other features. These 7 jacks for lifted trucks are classified including light, medium and heavy vehicles. However, any of these jacks can be used for commercial and civil purposes.

In this buying guide, you can choose the right type of stand that meets your requirements. They have been designed with quality materials that guarantee durability. In addition, these jacks have gone through rigorous tests to verify their features. We expect you to enjoy your safety and satisfaction with these tools.

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