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In order to properly lift a car to change a wheel or intervene under the vehicle easily, having the best hydraulic jack is essential to combine speed and safety. There are many different models, so how do you choose and buy a jack that is right for you? Let’s mexicotrucker.com help you!

Best hydraulic jacks

Torin T83006 Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic jack

As the name implies, this hydraulic jack is huge. It has a bright red color that shows quite well. Not only is it known for its enormous color and nature, but this jack is also designed with a solid feel, making it the perfect tool you can trust to keep tons of metal on your head. With a carrying capacity of about 43.9 pounds, this hydraulic jack can be used to comfortably lift an SUV or large truck. Its long neck design makes even heavy lifting of heavy trucks and SUVs easy. With a capacity of 3 tons, you can never doubt that this tool will definitely serve you well.


Arcan 2-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack (ALJ2T)

Arcan 2-Ton Quick hydraulic jack

This hydraulic jack is much smaller and more compact than its previous opponent. Therefore, make it perfect to be carried on your vehicle’s stall or even stored in a smaller garage with a small space. Because it is a 2-ton hydraulic jack, it is most suitable for use in smaller cars, such as a car or a station wagon. Despite this, it has been built with sturdy and sturdy stands to make it stable and accommodate 31.8 pounds that it can handle. Due to the low level of clearance (5 to 13 inches), this perfect tool can be useful while occasionally replacing tires. Even so, it is a great addition to your repair and maintenance arsenal.

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Pro-LifT F-2315PE Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack Car Lift with Blow Molded Case

Pro-LifT F-2315PE

If you are looking in the market for a 2-ton hydraulic trolley jack that can handle a small or medium-size family car, then this is the perfect one for you. It has been on the market for a while and it has received great reviews from its users. This is because this jack has a low ground lift of 3.5 to 14 inches that makes it easy to slip under your car. An incredible fact is that this jack is made of pure steel, thus making it strong and stable, but lighter than other jacks only 30 lbs. This makes it perfect for small cars under 3000 lbs. As stated, if you are in the market for a lightweight and reliable hydraulic jack, then this is the perfect choice for you.


Torin Big Red Hydraulic Stubby Bottle Jack Hydraulic Jack

BIG RED T91207A Torin Hydraulic Stubby Low Profile Welded Bottle Jack

This is another Big Red hydraulic jack from Torin. However, this jack is uniquely designed with a stubborn bottle design, to ensure easy lifting of large loads. That said, this hydraulic bottle jack can lift 12 t0ns lifts with a total weight of 24,000 lbs. It’s designed for a ground clearance range of 7.5 to 11 inches, which means that if you have a truck, SUV, or truck, this jack is the perfect tool you can use. to lift easily. It is useful for commercial purposes such as repair shops, factory floors, and warehouse use. Moreover, this jack is quite compact and powerful made of chrome.


Pro-Lift B-S20D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20-Ton Capacity

Pro-LifT B-S20D

This is another powerful hydraulic jack from the Pro-lift. It has made its name for a compact machine but can lift an average weight of 20 tons. All this is because the saddle design has been made of steel and can lift any load below 20 tons comfortably. Moreover, this hydraulic jack has been designed for different openings thanks to ingenious expansion screws. In addition, to make it safer to keep the 20-ton lift, this hydraulic jack has a bypass system available to prevent any ram.

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Torin Big Red Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack, 20 Ton Capacity

BIG RED TA92006 Torin Pneumatic Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

This is another ingenious product from Torin. It has been built with the latest technological know-how to operate manually or manually. This is what makes it stand apart from other astonishing features like a compact steel exterior structure to ensure ruggedness and durability. In addition, this jack comes with a flexible 4 feet air hose to move in any direction to fit any power switch and accessories. Another unique feature is that the safety valve has been purposefully equipped to prevent any potential overload of more than 20 tons. Lastly, to make it easy to use while pumping, this hydraulic jack comes with a two-piece handle.

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Hein Werner hw93642 2 Ton Service Jack

Hein Werner hydraulic jack

This is a service Jack will never let you down, built to old US standards, which means it’s a very high-quality tool. In fact, Hein Werner is definitely the best manufacturer of floor jacks, they’re the ones we choose to use in many garages, you really don’t want to compromise on safety by buying cheap imported jacks. more, inferior, keep in mind that they can be more expensive, but they will last for decades, if not lifetime, and are easily repaired if needed.

In addition, this jack is designed with strong cast iron lifting arms and pump base that provides extra power when you need it. Its higher stability is provided by flanged side plates and is wider than conventional frames.

Due to the unique online pump assembly and the U-joints release mechanism, using hw93624 to accelerate and your car has never been easier, it’s the most noticeable difference when compared to the Other jacks, it really is a smooth operation effort.
Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never be another Jack brand.

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Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack – 3.5 Ton Capacity

Blackhawk B6350

This Blackhawk lift is basically a budget version of the excellent Hein Werner Jacks.

One of the selling points of jacks is rapid lifting technology. This basically means that while there is no load on the jack, it is designed in such a way that it will very quickly increase to the plug point in just a few relatively easy pumps.
Once at lift height, the lift speed is greatly reduced, in fact, it slows down when compared to Hein’s Wuler as well as many jacks in the budget’s range.

Another thing to be aware of with this jack is that it is not suitable for cars with a ground clearance of 6 inches or less if your car is lower, you should consider buying a low floor jack.

It will lift an impressive tonne of 3.5 tons (7,000lbs) and is made from heavy-duty steel to ensure safety and long service life. The side frame roll ensures further strength and prevents twisting.

Like so many Jacks produced today, the Blackhawk B6350 comes with an integrated safety valve and bypass device that prevents damage that can occur from excessive pumping.

The pump handle itself is well cushioned and a great highlight when compared to many other jacks with hard plastic handles. The 50-inch handle is removable for easy storage.

This jack’s lifting height is a whopping 20.5 inches above the ground, which puts it up to the top jack lifting service range.

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What is a hydraulic jack?

best hydraulic jack

Very useful in many situations, the hydraulic jack allows you to raise and keep your car in a high position so that you can easily access the mechanical parts located in the wheel area and even under the chassis. It gives you the possibility of performing several maintenance tasks such as changing brake pads, fitting bearings, or intervening quickly in the event of a puncture-type problem so that you can change a tire.

There are different types of jacks, and the ones supplied as standard on most vehicles are generally not very practical and in some cases are even dangerous because of their instability. Unlike these manual jacks, the hydraulic jack firstly ensures great stability and will also allow you to raise your car very easily in a DIY position that is not very tiring, which represents an important advantage compared to other models of jacks.

Choose the right hydraulic jack

To fully understand how to choose a hydraulic jack, it must first be understood that each jack has its own lifting capacity, expressed in tonnes. You will find models that can lift loads between 1 and 12 tonnes. A significant gap that should make you aware that you choose your jack as a priority according to the weight of your car. For a classic sedan, a 2-ton hydraulic jack, see 3, will be more than sufficient in most cases.

Another important criterion in choosing a hydraulic jack is simply its minimum height. It must be able to adapt to the height of the chassis of your car. A model that is too high could damage your rocker panel or another element of your vehicle. The ground/car difference is therefore important to take into account to properly buy your jack. Also, remember to provide a sufficient margin because in the event of a puncture your chassis will be even closer to the ground than if the 4 wheels were inflated normally.

Once these two criteria are taken into account, you will have to choose between a rolling jack and a bottle jack. Let’s see these two solutions together.

The rolling jack/scissor jack/trolley jack (floor jack)

rolling jack trolley jackThe rolling jack (or called scissor jack/trolley jack) has an advantage linked to its movement. Equipped with wheels, you can install it quickly, which has made it a popular workshop jack for years, which is also found a lot in the trunk of individuals. Its construction made it very stable and very solid. You will be able to find models of rolling jacks that can support from 2 to 5 tonnes very easily.

Its use is very simple: Consisting of a hydraulic cylinder and an articulated arm, you will operate it very easily with a manual pumping system. In addition to its very good handling, the lifting amplitude is also significantly better than a conventional diamond jack, and it is very easy to use. The only checkpoint to perform before buying a good floor jack, its height which must be less than the height of the chassis of your car.

The bottle jack

bottle jackThe second model available on the market is the hydraulic bottle jack, which operates much like its counterpart on casters, except that it does not have wheels. The bottle jack is presented on a completely flat base, and the vehicle is lifted directly thanks to the jack which allows a lifting capacity significantly higher than a rolling jack. Count on average loads 4 times heavier than a hydraulic trolley jack, about 20 tonnes! It is more powerful but also less practical for low cars for which you will not always be able to install it because it is too high and you will have to favor the lower model.

How to use a hydraulic jack

Using a hydraulic jack is very simple and much easier than with a traditional mechanical jack.

hydraulic jack use

  • Place the car on a flat and stable floor.
  • Stall the wheels opposite the lifting side in order to prevent any eventuality as a safety measure.
  • Find what is called the lifting point on your vehicle, where the jack should be placed. If you cannot find it, refer to your car manual which will explain how to find it.
  • You will just have to place in this place the best hydraulic jack, then to make it rise by pumping system with the handle provided for this purpose. It is recommended to place stands to avoid any problem in case the jack should move.

Safety, advice, and contraindication

The use of an auto hydraulic jack will save you precious time, but it is important to remember that it must be used in a very strict security context:

hydraulic jack

  • Forget the use of a jack on a soft surface such as earth, sand, or on a sloping surface. The risk could come off and the car could cause very heavy damage.
  • Never use an unsuitable jack on a car that is too heavy, it may fail. Refer to the maximum load it can bear, evermore!
  • It is important to always have several jack stands in the trunk in order to enhance the stability of the car and to avoid crushing if the jack falls. There are hydraulic jack kits all in one available for purchase, please inquire.
  • Always position the hydraulic jack on a lifting point specially designed for this purpose. It allows the car to be raised in the best possible conditions of stability.
  • A cheap hydraulic jack is not necessarily of poor quality. Read user reviews carefully and don’t hesitate to ask the seller questions before purchasing.

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