Little hands are waving. Crying intensifies. A small soft noise confirms that you have decided to see if the front seat is more comfortable than the arms of its small owner. Impossible to answer Baby’s crying right away: you are driving, and only the back of his car seat is visible in your position. What could have angered your offspring? You will only know when, tired of war, you park on the side to check the cause of his cries. In the series of gadgets that make life easier for parents, a baby car mirror represents a rising trend that combines road safety and peace of mind for parents.

Indeed, this mirror allows you to see what your child does when his car seat is placed with his back to the direction of travel, and to interact with him throughout the journey, without sacrificing your safety. How? Or What? Simply by attaching it to the headrest of the seat facing your cherub. So, at a glance in your rear view mirror, you can see both the cars following you and the faces of your children!

To help you make the right choice, Mexicotrucker has reviewed 5 baby car seat mirrors worthy of accompanying you and your little family, wherever you go. And if you’re having trouble choosing which one best suits your needs, don’t hesitate to take a look at our buying guide at the end of this review!

Best baby car mirrors




Best package deal
Cozy Greens

  • clear view

  • crash tested and secure

  • easy to install

Best for bumpy roads
Lusso Gear

  • large, full view mirror

  • secure and stable

  • great design

Best full view
Pikibu 180-Degree

  • easy to attach and remove

  • clear 180-degree look

  • high quality spring connectors

Best high-tech
Brica Cruisin

  • great entertainment for babies

  • volume control

  • crash tested

Best for No headrest

  • strong suction

  • give a good view for backseat

  • rotates easily

Which baby car mirror to choose? Our advice and our buying guide

Are you hesitating between two models of baby mirrors? Not sure what choice you made? Before clicking on the “checkout” step, consult our buying guide so as not to recycle your car mirror into a bathroom mirror!

Look at the materials used

The material of the mirror is to be taken into account for two reasons: the clarity of vision that it offers and the potential danger that it can represent for your child in the event of a fall. As a rule, mirror materials fall into 2 categories, each with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Acrylic offers an optimal quality of reflection, clear and without distortion of the image. Recognized as robust, this material is nonetheless brittle when subjected to violent shocks. It is therefore recommended to choose a model made of anti-shock treated acrylic for more safety;
  • The plastic mirror treated with reflective material is a solid and safe solution for a child’s mirror. Very light and tending to twist more than break if dropped, it has limited performance in terms of quality and distortion of the reflected image.

Size and curvature for an optimal field of vision

The size of the mirror is an important parameter to take into account. The purpose of your purchase is to have maximum visibility on your little one with a quick glance at your own rear view mirror. Choose a sufficiently large mirror which, placed on a headrest, will allow you to see not only the face but also the hands of your child. As such, the slightly curved mirrors offer a good compromise between mirror size and possible field of vision. However, check if the curved mirror you have chosen does not distort your reflection too much. The brands Omorc and Amzdeal combine large dimensions and curvatures for a broad vision of your cherub.

Be careful, however, if your rear window is rather narrow: baby mirrors that are a little too large can increase the size of your blind spot when you reverse. In this case, I prefer a slightly smaller mirror which offers identical performances to large formats, at the cost of a little more time spent in settings.

Double fixation for more stability

Baby mirrors are generally attached to the head restraints of the rear seats of your car. Some models offer additional fixings in case there is no headrest. The most common attachment models are in the form of a short strap to be attached around the headrest in the manner of a belt. For more stability of the mirror and not to risk an accidental fall, prefer a fixing model with a double strap to cross behind the headrest. Also, be sure to check the type of attachment of the straps to the mirror, in particular its solidity and flexibility, to make your daily life easier when you change cars.

Protect without weighing down

Although rare, the fall of a rear view baby mirror on your dear toddler is not an event to be excluded. To avoid having to take your child to the emergency room, prefer mirrors with rounded angles and built-in hard-to-break materials, or with rubber reinforcements, like the models presented by the MVPower brand.

The little extras that make the difference

Baby mirrors are simple objects in their use and design. If you hesitate between two models that have the same characteristics, take a look at the small accessories that optimize the use of the product or make it more interesting for baby: a night position or dim lighting of the mirror can be interesting for driving and supervise your child without the risk of being dazzled by the reverberation of the headlights on the mirror. Some models also provide small straps or hooks to hang your child’s favorite toys and stuffed toys, to encourage him to look towards the mirror and to entertain him during the journey. Finally, some brands offer anti-vibration devices to improve the stability of the mirror, or accessories to maintain the mirror.

More than just another gadget to add to the long list of driver aids, these mirrors are also a way to keep interacting with your child while driving. Be careful not to get the priorities wrong! Although your child is the most precious thing in your life, don’t be distracted by his facial expressions (or his nonsense) while driving. Your safety and that of other road users depend on it!

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