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American Made Floor Jack


When buying floor jacks, it is important to consider quality. Most buyers usually consider the country of origin to assess its worthiness. The high-quality American made floor jacks compared to other countries in Asia.

You may be wondering why products from the United States are called high quality? Every automobile product in this country is strictly evaluated according to the Buy American Act and Federal Acquisition Regulation before entering the market.

All of these jacks are manufactured in a number of specific systems to ensure the quality is maintained, improved durability, user safety, and longevity. There is little or no chance of failing with US-made floor jacks compared to the 25% failure rate of jacks from other countries.

Best American made floor jacks




  • Cast iron base

  • Sealed hydraulic pump

  • Wide and stable design

  • Best for the money

  • Lift arm is reinforced to increase its strength

  • Easy storage

  • #1 best seller of AMAZON

  • Maximum lifting range of 22 inches

  • Release valve is shifted clockwise till resistance before use

  • Durable ductile-iron base

  • Zinc-plated handle

  • Safety features like fluid bypass and stop ring

  • Best bottle jack for lifted truck

  • 30-ton capacity

  • Featuring a stop ring and a fluid bypass

Hydraulic jack Hein-Werner HW93642

Hein-werner best american made floor jack

Hein-Werner’s jack is one of the most convenient devices to lift other devices in the warehouse. It only needs a 5-inch allowance to slip under any truck, car, or any equipment. It’s fitted with a sealed hydraulic pump that made it become a 2-ton floor jack.

In addition, the jack has a wide stance and cast iron base to improve its strength and stability. Safety jack with pressure release valve makes it reliable. Blue finishing gives it a sparkling look. This is one of the best American made floor jacks to get your job done.

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Best aluminum floor jack Arcan ALJ3T

arcan ALJ3T best aluminium floor jack

Most users are pleased to report that this is one of the top quality products. It lifts very quickly in a quick action, and even it releases very smoothly and carefully. It is lightweight and made of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it easy to move around. It has a reinforced arm lift, which increases power, chassis, torsion control and durability. Moreover, it comes with a rubber saddle and a foam handle.

Those looking for a floor jack that can help them lift a car, along with some random blocks in the garden, or even a heavy refrigerator will find this to be a great option. Plus, if you’re looking for a very affordable model, then collect all your savings, invest in this product and make your life easy.

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Blackhawk B6350 – #1 best seller of Amazon

Blackhawk B6350

This jack is a bit heavy, but it is not difficult to move it around the floor. For low profile cars like the Sebring, this is a perfect option.
What draws our attention is the rotating saddle that allows the user to position the jack more efficiently and even ensure user safety. Because it is constructed and built beautifully from heavy steel, it will work for a long time. Its bypass device ensures that it is not broken due to excessive pumping.

This is a great option as a floor jack is used in working garages. It can also be used around the home for small lift purposes. If you are looking for a perfect jack for lifting instead of supporting the entire vehicle, then this should be your choice.
The integrated internal safety valve, swivel seat, rugged universal joints, superior lifting range and many other features make it a perfect American made floor jack to use.

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US Jack D-51125 12 ton bottle jack

US Jack D-51125 12 ton bottle jack

Whether you are interested in lifting farm-equipment, parts of buildings, or tall cars, it is hard to beat the efficiency or reliability of the US Jack D-51125 12 ton bottle jack. The compact jack, built to survive, and it offers an impressive 12-ton lift. The jack that comes with the malleable iron base is widely designed for maximum stability.

The connector is designed with useful safety features such as liquid bypass and stop ring for more reliable performance. We really like the carrying handle that is designed to be next to the jack, making it easy to move from a place to another.

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US JACK D-51127 30 Ton Bottle Jack – Best bottle jack for lifted truck

jack for lifted truck

A 30-ton capacity floor jack? Yes, you heard that right. This amazing jack has a maximum capacity of 30 tons. You can imagine the size of the load it could lift. It is intended for heavy trucks, building construction and agricultural equipment. It comes with safety features to prevent damage in case of excessive movement with a stop and fluid detour. Whatever job you want to be done, this jack can withstand any damage.

This is a heavy jack, 100% manufactured from the USA. It’s no surprise that it provides the US military, Lockheed Martin and Boeing some of the biggest names in the world. We can all agree this is the best bottle jack for lift trucks and heavy commercial work.

This jack works best for high profile lifting task. However, it will not be suitable for lifting low profile devices such as cars and small SUVs.

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